Development of management and education in nursing practice

Please Note: This instruction is for two assignments and it includes my teaching plan, evaluation form, an out line of our interview questions and answers and indicative reference list. I am sorry for too many words, however, because of the nature of these assignments this is the best I could do. Thanking you. Kind regards.

(1)These assignments are part of my Master (post graduation) in Adult Nursing Course. It is two separate assignment but very clear link between the two.
Each part is separate with reference list for each and appropriate appendices.

Word limits 3500 + 3500 words total 7000.

Each assignment needs NOT LESS THAN 15 reference.
There is one portfolio for the Course.
The portfolio consists of two parts: a teaching session and Interview with senior health professional.

(2)Marking criteria FOR BOTH ASSIGNMENTS.
Students are expected to demonstrate information retrieval skills and cognitive
skills of knowledge, understanding, application and analysis. Students will be expected to demonstrate in-depth critical analysis,
synthesis and critical evaluation.

The following criteria will be applied to the elements of the essay:
” Has identified the specific facts relating to the subject chosen
” Describes any general trends, classifications and/or criteria in relation to
the chosen topic
” Identifies general principles, theories and structures in relation to the topic
” The assignment is well presented with a logical structure
” Demonstrates a basic understanding of the principles and practice of the
chosen topic
” Evidence of wide and current reading. Work is supported, where
appropriate, from published sources, and has been acknowledged and
referenced using an accepted method (harward referencing)
” Indicates an understanding of the implications of bias, subjectivity, validity
and reliability when reviewing the literature
” Demonstrates application of relevant theories to practice
” Relates the use of a variety of referenced sources in practice
” Relates the application of a range of different approaches to practice in
relation to chosen topic.
” Adopts an analytical or problem solving approach with evidence of
reflective practice
” Demonstrates a coherent line of argument / discussion
” Includes discussion of whether different approaches adopted in particular
situations were the most appropriate
” Evidence of originality of thought
” States how practice could be further developed in the light of experience
and theoretical understanding
” Demonstrates an awareness of the wider issues / implications of the
” Critical evaluation of ideas and material from both the literature and the
author is evident
” Appraises positive and negative points and aspects identified
” Judges the value of issues discussed and their influence in relation to
future practice

Part one
Rationale. Throughout your career in healthcare you will be expected to act as
an educator: involved in patient education, and in teaching, assessing and
supervising students and unqualified healthcare workers. This assessment will
provide evidence of your ability to undertake this role in practice. You will
demonstrate the ability to undertake teaching & learning in the clinical
environment and to reflect on this area of practice and assess your own
The assessment is a portfolio of evidence and critical reflection on the planning,
preparation, delivery and evaluation of a teaching session to be undertaken in
the clinical environment before 14th December 2005.

(4)College guidelines:
The assignment will consist of two main sections:
The essay part of the assessment will be an in-depth critical reflection of the
whole process of undertaking the teaching session. It should include
reflection on the following stages:
” Rationale for choice of teaching session
” Planning based on a Teaching Plan
” Preparation  of self, subject material, students & environment
” Delivery  the process of undertaking the session
” Evaluation  decisions relating to the process of evaluation and preparing
evaluation materials
” Feedback  response to evaluation feedback and self evaluation
” Action plan for future practice  identify key points for future development
The critical reflection should include discussion of factors (personal,
interpersonal, contextual) that might have influenced the effectiveness of your
teaching session and provide theoretical support for your discussion. Discussion
relating to each of the stages must be considered in relation to theories of
teaching & learning.
You must refer to published material to support this discussion.
As a reflective piece of work it should be written in the first person.
__The evidence part of the assessment will include all of the materials used in
undertaking the teaching session including:
” Teaching plan
” Details or copies of resources used  literature, articles, clinical
equipment, copies of OHP s and handouts.
” Details or copies of evaluations from learners and feedback from Mentor

(5)Essay on teaching session Part ONE is a:
A portfolio of evidence and critical reflection on the planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation of your teaching session, to include critical reflection on:
-Rational for choice of topic
-Critique of planning and preparation
-Critique of delivery and evaluation
-Action plan for future practice
Linked to relevant research based literature.

(6)My comments on PART 1: I have delivered the teaching session according to the guideline, on MRSA and Hand Washing, during my community placement. Invitation to the audience to the session were given personally and also displayed on the notice board with all the relevant information of the session. There were 27 students, most of them were district nurses, 3 health care assistants and 2 clerical staffs. It was a power-point presentation, Handouts with space to take notes by the students during the session were given, however, no projector or big screens were available, so a normal pc was used. Participation of the students (audience) by requesting one of them to volunteer for hand washing demonstration in front of every one (dry demo., no soap or water used, as it was delivered in the district nursing staff office, no other rooms were available). Then all students (audience) were asked to demonstrate along with the volunteer demonstrator. There were time allocated for questions and answers. However, I could not answer all their question, so I threw the question back to the group to find the answer. The teaching session took 18 minutes, even though I planed to finish in 15 minutes. I had planned and allocated time for each part of the session. Teaching evaluation was done using the form below.

CANDIDATE NUMBER:& & & & & & ..
Teaching plan
Title of session: MRSA and Hand Washing

Time & Duration: 14.30; 15 minutes Date:08/11/2005

Venue:District nursing staff office
DETAILS OF LEARNERS: District nurses, Health care assistants, Clerical staff& sales reps.
Type of learners (students/qualified staff/ patients etc):

Programme & level (if appropriate):3

Number of learners:26
Aims: Minimise MRSA Infection by Proper Hand Washing Techniques.

Learning outcomes: Able to demonstrate proper hand washing techniques, Understand the rational behind hand washing, Understand the importance of minimising the MRSA infection & understands the of transmission of MRSA.

ComputerMicrosoft Power Point, Handouts

District Nursing Base



One Minute Personal introduction