Development of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains in a infant and toddler.

Rationale: Chapters 5, 6, and 7 deal with the development of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains.

As you discover and learn from the information presented, select one infant or one toddler that you will have regular contact with and observe these children to informally assess development in the above general domains. Look for evidenceof specific skills and abilities as described in your text. Your time is limited, so be prepared. In advance, know what you will be looking for. For example, page 144 has information on how infants perceive moving objects. After reading this section, you may want to do an observation on your chosen infant/toddler and observe how quickly they grasp and object. You may also observe for behavior and document how the infant/toddler is responding to meaningful stimuli. You may want to est out some reflexes. For example, to check the Babkin reflex, you would gently squeeze babys palms with baby lying on back and check for the appropriate response (page 150). This repsonse disappears around 3 to 4 months. You may check a baby at 5 or 6 months and check for the presence of this same reflex. Page 154, table 5.3, documents typical and atypical motor development. You may want to observe for behaviors that show if these skills/abilities are present. These observations should be done on a regular basis and should be conducted as you read the individual chapters. Check your calendar for due date.

Your report should include:

I. age of child, gender and observation site, & length of time observed 10 points

II. documenation of observations, being specific as to what skills, behaviors, verbalizations you saw (just the facts) with referenced citations from the text.

Example: As I observed the infants mother place the baby on its stomach on the floor, the baby quickly pushed up on its arms (physical domain), which is typical of a 3 month old according to table 5.3, page 154. Make sure to identify the domain(s) being developed as I did in the example underlined. The report will be a miminum of two pages for the child observed. The report length should be a minumum of two sheets per child. 70 points

III. correct grammar and sentence structure. 20 points

Guidelines for Accurate and Objective Recording:

1. Record only facts.
2. Record every detail without omitting anything.
3. Use action words (verbs) whenever possible.
4. Observe without interpreting.
5. Record only what you see or hear. Be careful to avoid recording something that did not occur.
6. Use words that describe but do not judge.
7. Record the facts in the order they occur.

* REPORT MUST BE AT LEAST 2 PAGE PER CHILD!! (infant and child-4 page total)