Diaspora and identity: do our passports define who we are and should we let it?

The paper is a mini-term paper. I am suppose to investigate something of interest that surfaced during different modules of the course. what would be useful for you to know more about?
Basically I am suppose to choose a topic discussed in class and give my opinion but use resources and evidence from sources to back up my opinions. The topic discussed in class is diaspora. I want to focus my paper on diaspora in relation to identity. More specially I want to talk whether our passports can define who we are. My point i want to make is that with so many culturally diverse people and people born and living outside their native countries, a document stating our name,date of birth, sex and place of birth simply cant define a person.

One argument that needs to be evident in the paper is that for some people a passport has caused them a lot of problems including discrimination. Here i would like to use the example of Israelis and Palestinians. For example, I am living in the United Arab Emirates, and in countries in the middle east, a person with a Israeli passport is not permitted in the country unless they are going to Jordan or Egypt.Ironically a person from the Jewish faith can hold an American or Canadian passport and will be allowed into the middle East with no problem. The only difference between them is their passport and that is what is used to seperate them or discriminate against them. I also would like you to state how Palestinians suffer from the same discrimination. They dont have passports rather travel documents that for most of them dont do any good. It makes it very difficult and almost prevents them from traveling. Then i would like you to compare that although both Palestinians and Israelis have different cultures and traditions, the discrimination they face with their passports.

This is something i would like to be in my paper. It needs resources to back it up.