Difference between current events and history fis/294 assignment 7

Whats the Difference between Current Events and History
Whats the dividing line?

Are there some events that remain Currentfor centuries?

Beyond the lifetimes of the participants or observers?

My wife and I were at a Brooklyn Museum Exhibition on Firefighting a few years ago, when she overheard members of a company, who were visiting the show, talking about what they were feeling;

They were on the air, ready to roll, parked outside, but fascinated by the exhibition.

And then one of them exclaimed with great feeling, Look at that print. Boy, that was a tough one! We lost [get that WE lost] eleven guys at that job!”

It was before 9-11. He was referring to the Jennings fire in 1854, a volunteer job. More than a hundred and forty some odd years in the past but still current their loss is still present to many of us today not historical. . . and we still mourn, and if really with it, we recommit ourselves to their sense of dedication no matter what profession we follow.. [*]

Heres one of the references from Augustine Costello on that fire:

[*] Eleven men were killed at the burning of Jenningss clothing store on Broadway, near Barclay Street, which took place on April 25, 1854. 21-30/ch27pt2.html [Costello covers that fire extensively elsewhere in his book]