Different communication between human and animals

All papers must be typed and should be one to two pages, double spaced (one full page minimum, two full pages maximum; excluding any citation), in Times New Roman 12pt font, with a 1 inch margin on all sides. They must be in paragraph form using full sentences (no bullet points).

Although many different animals species engage in communication, many people claim that humans alone have the capacity for complex a?languagea?. That is, although animals may communicate using symbols that have meaning (via vocalizations or body language), their communications do not have syntax (i.e., grammar), which is what allows humans to produce (infinitely many) novel combinations of conceptually meaningful phrases.

Do you think weall ever find another animal species whose communication is as complex and
sophisticated as human language? Explain why or why not you think this might happen by providing at least one reason and/or example to justify your opinion.

Your response can be informed by what you have read in the text, heard in class, know from personal experience, or found in outside information. Note that your reaction to the question and your reaction to the paper are opinions, and there is no right or wrong answer.

1. Your response MUST address the assigned question. Responses that are a?off-topica? or do not fully address the question (i.e., all parts of the question) will not receive full credit. The judgment about whether a response is a?off-topica? rests entirely with the instructor.
2. Your response MUST be readable with respect to grammar and punctuation. Failure to write a clear response, with proper sentence construction and punctuation will result in loss of points. Responses deemed too difficult to read will not be graded and will receive a 0. The judgment about whether a response is a?readablea? rests entirely with the instructor.
3. If you include information from any outside sources (which is encouraged!), this MUST be cited using American Psychological Association (APA) format. For a very helpful guide, go to:

Note that any cited source must be reputable. Acceptable types of sources include journal articles, our textbook, other textbooks or scholarly books, official news articles, government websites, information from lecture a cite as (lecture notes, date), and relevant personal experience. Non-acceptable sources include Wikipedia, non-expert blogs, twitter, random websites (lots of crazies out there! a not reputable), Perezhilton, the Onion, etc. Please use your discretion, and if in doubt ask me directly.