Different topics in second language learning and acquistion

Dear Writer:

I want you please to write about the following topics.
They should appear in the research paper as numbered here.

1Second language acquisition involves two factors: the learner and the learning situations.
2The importance of classroom instructions.
3The importance of carrying out the task of teaching.
4Part of lesson planning involves dealing with language transfer. Give examples
5Definition and introduction to Contrastive analysis,
6How contrastive analysis is important for teachers to compare the foreign language with the native language
7Transfer from Language 1 to Language 2 : positive transfer and negative transfer with example from the Arabic Language. The example should be about copula omission by Arab learners and what are the reasons behind omission copula by Arab learners and how contrastive analysis will show the differences between English and Arabic and put solutions for such problem.
Please note:

*** Please, The topics should very related and coherent to each other.
*** Please, USE updated references.
*** Please,USE accessible references, so I can access them and read them.
*** Please,USE APA style in citation.
*** Please,I am NOT a native speaker, so please try to USE an easy language BUT academic.
*** Please,I am an English major, so I am expecting the paper to be very well-organized and well written.
*** Please,Try to use connectors and conjunctions to make the topics very coherent and related to each other.
*** Please,Try to make the paper look very academic.
*** I am very well concerned about the citation, so please try to make each line you cited or any paragraph match the citation.

Thank you very much and please feel free to contact me for further instructions.