Different type of market in oil & gas industry

5000 words of essay and
1000 words of reflective report

oil & gas industry
in China: monoplized by CNPC China National Petroleum
background is required
advantages and disadvantages of this kind of market
government role
in UK: competitive market
one example from the UK companies
benefits of customers
advantages and disadvantages

use one of two methods of presenting an argument:
a. The balanced view b. The persuasive essay
see the details in PPT.
Essay 2

1. Write 5000 words (+ or 10%) including the text of your essay but excluding the cover page,
reference list, footnotes and appendices.
2. Within the boundaries of your approved topic area and developing from your first essay, set
yourself a second essay question which develops your own argument or position in relation to
the literature. Your position should analyse and in some way critique the literature or discipline.
3. Communicate with your essay question to your Supervisor and fine tune or proceed according to
his/ her advice.
4. Write your essay in an appropriate academic style and particularly ensure you use i??third personi??
narrative, Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
5. Utilise at least 10 high quality academic-style resources (e.g. textbooks, books and journals) and
try to ensure that you use no or only a small number of internet sources.
6. Do not undertake primary research.
7. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you identify these sections clearly as
8. If you paraphrase any materials you must identify the materialsi?? sources through in-text
9. This is an individual essay please do not work closely with anyone else.
11. Submit your essay on the VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet, , as well as
your mind map and research log.

Reflective Report

1. Reflect your personal development this year.
2. Write 1000 words which summarises your personal development this year and which addresses
the specific questions outlined in the proforma document (see the appendices of this document).
3. You may write your reflection in i??first personi?? narrative, and although you need not include any
academic content, if you do, please use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
4. Submit your reflective commentary on VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet.