Digital attacks/ The Causes of Digital Crime

1-Digital Attacks. Please respond to the following:
Acts considered cyberterrorism and / or information warfare can be divided into four separate categories; infrastructure attacks, information attacks, technological facilitation, and promotion. Identify organizations that may be susceptible to each type of attack and explain what the perpetrators might hope to gain by infiltrating their systems.

2-The Causes of Digital Crime. Please respond to the following:
There are several theories that have been postulated over the past 100 years to explain crime, and these ideas have recently been applied to digital crime. These theories include choice theory, deterrence theory, psychological theories, social structure theories, social process theories, subcultural theories, and political theory. Discuss which theory is the source of motivation for the majority of computer criminals. Be sure to justify your answer. Discuss which theory would produce the most dangerous criminals and/or criminal acts.