Digital rights management (only the written part)

Digital Media Podcast Project :
the topic is ((Digital Rights Management))750 words

The digitalisation of communication has allowed convergence, participation and collective intelligence to function together. In this exercise, we are going to leverage these three capabilities and assemble a collection of mp3 files that, together, cover the key ideas of Digital Media and Society.

Working on your own, you will collaborate and harness your combined creativity and hard work to produce well-researched, well-written and well-produced Podcastof exactly 5 minutes.

You will be shown in class how to use a freeware application called Audacity. For this exercise, we prefer that you use free tools to produce your podcast to make the point that high-quality content can be produced today at a very low cost.

Each podcast will cover one main idea associated with digital media and society. No two podcasts will cover the same concept (all will be different). You may select your topic from one of the 20 key new media concepts presented in Chapter 2 of Flew, from any one of the new media concepts or theories discussed in lecture, or a concept or theory you stumble upon in your travels through cyberspace (with approval of your lecturer or tutor). Once you have identified a topic you want to cover, email your tutor, either Jeff or Kym.

The purpose of the podcast is to provide a series of informative, creative and interesting audio files that educate listeners about ideas and issues surrounding digital media and society.

The structure of the podcast is up to you, but certain rules apply to ensure the content and form are well-produced and to ensure that we can compare and assess your work on a common set of marking criteria. Your podcast must be:
” researched
◦ you must find and credit source materials including original research
◦ each podcast should provide evidence of claims (such as any sources of statistics)
◦ examples must be used to help a listener Latch onto complex ideas
◦ but you must not plagiarise the work of others
” written / scripted
◦ you must submit a polished text document script along with the audio file
◦ this will be submitted to turnitin and checked for originality
” produced
◦ clear voice and diction delivery
◦ high-quality audio and effects such as music and sound grabs must be included
◦ your podcast must be exactly 5 minutes in length
You will be assessed on the following criteria:
” evidence and use of research for podcast
” content of the podcast including
◦ scripting
◦ grammar
◦ examples
” quality of the podcast including:
◦ clear speech and delivery
◦ sound editing
◦ use of dynamic elements such as music, voice grabs, effects and so on.
Your work must include a minimum of at least 10 outside sources...4 of which MUST come from credible academic materials (not textbooks!) such as edited book chapters and academic or industry journal articles.

The total word length for the project will be larger than the word length for the mp3 file. The average human English language speech rate is about 120 words per minute. Your mp3 file will probably have about 500-700 words (use them wisely). Other words will be in script and references. All of these will be requested for submission through turnitin at the link below. The mp3 audio file will be uploaded to iLearn using the assignment upload feature at the link below.