Dimensions of organisation structure style: harvard

HBH222 Organisations and Organising
Case Study 1
Students are required to select an organisation(Toyota) on the following topic:
Give a brief introduction on the orfanisation itself
Classify and describe the key dimensions of the organisation structure using appropriate terms and concepts. Illustrate with diagrams or charts if possible.
What is its current design type (e.g. Functional, Divisional, Hybrid, Matrix, Network)? Illustrate with the current design/organisational chart.
Is its design appropriate for the environment it is in? Should it alter its design type and why?

It is better to group the question into (1.0 Introduction, 2.0 Organisation structure, 3.0 organisation design, 4.0 Conclusion) *Conclusion talks about whether its design is appropriate for the environment it is in and whether it should alter its design type and why.

Guidelines for case studies:
a? Include an introduction and conclusion. Executive summary and table of contents are not required.
a? Use Harvard referencing throughout your paper (Eg. It does not consider the interests………. (Chang 2007)) and provide a reference list at the end.
a? The emphasis of your paper should be on critical analysis of the organisational structure. Answers that are too descriptive will not be awarded good marks.