Dimentions of Interprofessional Practice

Hi I wanted my change to be protected meal times 1500 words on a reflective commentary focussed on service improvement (mine being protected food times) The relective commentary should focus either on a service improvement initiative that you have identified with your mentor or a service improvement that has previously been implemented in your practice area. you should examine this initiative in terms or the inter-professional team and identify actual or potential ways that inter-professional working can facillitate its implementation. You should also discuss potential barriers to implementation.You should also discuss potential barriers to implementation. You must include the service improvement activity notification form with your assignment including a discussion of future plans in terms of the service improvement initiative. An evidence based model of reflection or refective writing should be used. you should offer a rationale to support what you have used(fixed resource sessions on the use and application of reflective models and writingare included in the delivery of this module).You should also demonstrate the use of the PDSA cycle in terms of service improvement. For assessment purposes you are not expected to move beyond the planning stage of the PDSA cycle.As the assignment is a refelctive commentary your reflection must be supported and referenced in english by using appropopiate sources (as per learning outcomes) you may want to use a structured reflective model e.g Gibbs. A rc requires that you use subheadings. The structure of this piece of work can be informed by using either learning outcomes or the stages of a reflective model to do so.If you are going to use a model of feflection then you must demonstrate clearly that you have done so.
i??Learning outcomes 1critically analyse the unique role and contribution of nursing within the interprofessional team.

2critically appraise the contibution of all members of the inerprfessional team in providing holistic care to paitents/clients

3-critically reflect on learning and transfer newly gained knowledge into their own area of practice.

You must remember that the focus should be on the inter-professional team and NOT the client/patient in this assignment. THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE PUT THROUGH TURNTIN.