Discipline-whether college education is important for future life or not?

This is an Annotated Bibliography essay.

Instruction about topic:
Professionals characterize disciplines by the kinds of
questions that members of their discipline (or their Discourse
community”) attempt to answer.
i?¶ While multiple disciplines (or Discourse communities”)
might be interested in the same Topic,the questions members
ask about that topic will differ.
Take the Topicof cults, for example, which Im appropriating from Diana Hackers A Writers Reference (2007).

According to Hacker, professional disciplines from Film to Biology have an interest in the Topicof cults.
However, the ways members of these disciplines approach the Topic
varies in discipline-specific ways.
And this essay should be written In the academic sphere.”

Here, from Hacker, are five sample research questions from five different
academic disciplines that express an interest in the Topicof cults:
i?¶ Sociology: What role does gender play in cult leadership?
i?¶ History: Why did the cult of Caesar take hold in ancient Rome?
i?¶ Film: How does the movie Fight Club portray contemporary cults?
i?¶ Biology: What genetic characteristics may make individuals
susceptible to cult influence?
i?¶ Business: How do multilevel marketing practices depend on cult
techniques for their success?

I decide to talking about college education with the future life.

In order to complete, there are at least 12 resources need to be used. and these resources should be peer-reviewed and research articles.