Discrimination of female nurses in high posisitons by males

I have provided you with the outline below. I just need to you to do the missing part to the paper and to create the subsection. If you have any questions feel free and if you need me to pay for more pages for you to complete please let me know. I have attached the paper.
This is what is missing from my paper please add these:
Please add to page 2:
Sociology, social groups, minority groups and add gender discrimination.
Add to page 3:
Values and their perspectives
Add to page 7:
Avoidance, defiance, legislative contributions
This is the outline of the paper:
I introduction:
Explain sociology, society, race, ethnicity, gender, culture, minority groups-dominant groups and interactions, values, ethnocentrism. Three perspectives. Introduce the minority group as a functionalist point of view, interactionist and conflict point of view.
II Subsection:
Describe the ethnic/ minority group of the topic, characteristics, history, early experience in the US, interaction with other groups, present status, experience of prejudice and discrimination (chapter 3 Parrillo, V. N. (2011). Strangers to These Shores, Tenth Edition. Boston: Pearson Education). Explain their dominant minority group relations, avoidances, defiance, legislative controls, segregation, xenophobia (chapter 4, Parrillo, V. N. (2011). Strangers to These Shores, Tenth Edition. Boston: Pearson Education)
III Subsection (self enhancement)
Analysis, learning experience, Some current issues related to topic, relation to career goals in nursing.