Discuss a pseudoscientific or weird claim encountered in your own experience

Final Paper Guidelines (Follow this Guideline as much as possible) please!!

Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to expand on a subject of interest you encountered in the course. This will give you an opportunity to practice
formulating and explaining your own views.

Topic: In the final paper you will discuss a pseudoscientific or weird claim encountered in your own experience that you are skeptical of and evaluate it using the skills youve learned in the class. In other words, explain why you are skeptical of this claim.

Content and Length: The paper should be 3-5pp (double-spaced) long. The first i?? to 1 page of the paper should consist of summarizing and explaining the pseudoscientific claim you are covering. Make sure it would be apparent to any reader that you clearly understand the subject you are writing about; for this reason try to avoid using any terminology without clear explanation. The rest of the paper should be dedicated to evaluating the topic found in your own person experience. This is your opportunity to present your own views. Make sure you give clear reasons for anything you claimi.e. reasons that could be understood by anyone, even if they come from a different background (e.g., religious or cultural). You can discuss these views, as long as you do not assume that others will share them without independent reasons. After all, the goal of the paper is to improve critical thinking skills.

Citation and Bibliography: All direct quotes and paraphrase must be cited. Any passages not cited, and presented as ones own, may be construed as academic dishonesty, and removal from the course. If anything is cited, a bibliography should be included at the end of the paper with author, title, and publishing informationi.e. Vaughn, Lewis. The Power of Critical Thinking. 2nd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.