Discuss and assess the implications of Welbys view with specific reference to commodities futures markets.

Some years before being appointed to the position, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby in a paper titled i??The Ethics of Derivatives and Risk Managementi?? (Ethical Perspectives 4(1997)2: 84-93, makes the following statement:

i??The widespread and elaborate use of new financial instruments among corporate entities and financial institutions requires justification. It faces the charge of increasing both the level and complexity of risk in the financial system under the pretext of reducing it.i?? (p.91)

Referring to both the academic literature and any relevant case studies on the topic, discuss and assess the implications of Welbyi??s view with specific reference to commodities futures markets.
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Please see page 21 and page 22 to review specific requirement. Meanwhile, lecture said that there is no need to make explanation. As I should supposed myself and reader are professional.

He indicates as follow: (also available on page 21 and 22)

Please note you are not required to work through or discuss the various ethical perspectives used by Welby and others to build their arguments, although if you consider these relevant to your conclusions, you may choose to discuss these. The focus should be on commodity futures and futures markets and the ethical implications of a promissory market can or may affect users.

Note you are expected to read widely on this subject and not simply confine your background reading to a narrow set of articles and, in particular, not just those given above.

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