Discuss How, according to Hobbes, does natural equality and the war of all against all lead human beings into political society?

I need a writer with strong and solid background in political theory to discuss How, according to Hobbes, does natural equality and the war of all against all lead human beings into political society?

The only allowed source is: Hobbes. Leviathan (with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668). Edited by Edwin Curley. Indiana: Hackett. 1994 ISBN: 0872201775

This is an intensive exegetic review, which clarity of thoughts should come before style. This paper should analyse what Hobbess views are, not the editors. Thesis must be well presented and clear with a strong conclusion. This paper must have AT LEAST 1000 words, please word count before submitting, paper fails to meet word count requirement will be send back for revision. To prevent an entire paper revision, please copy paste the introductory (thesis) paragraph on the message board within 24 hours, PLEASE WAIT FOR MY REPLY BEFORE CONTINUE. A paragraph like this is needed  Hobbes argues that the natural equality and the war of all against all lead human beings into political society because of negative human appetite, aversion and need of security& [something like that] He presents this by arguing A, B, C, (and you actually argues A, B, C in the body in this order)

Avoid generalizations; this is a short paper, every word you write must represent your attempts to prove the thesis. Readers tends to get lost after awhile, so you ll need to paraphrase the thesis and remind that several times in the paper, especially after a long argument. Something such as  Thus, it is clear that common interest of fear lead human beings into political society and  common interest of fear is one of A, B, or C you presented in your thesis.

Font shall be in Times New Roman or Arial, doubled spaced, 12pt, black, and 1margin on all 4 sides through out the paper. First page begins with first paragraph, no title or title page required, subtitle is allowed and can be bolded, align left, with one line of space following after.

Bibliography and Quotes:
Quotes and references are essential in this paper, if my grandmother doesn t know it, then it should be referenced. Use quote when you are trying to define something or the speaker says something in such a remarkable way that it simply cannot be paraphrased better. I cant emphasize on how important they are. You need to quote and reference ALL your arguments to prove your thesis. Since it s a short paper, avoid quotes more than 50 words, if you must use it, it must be single spaced following proper parenthetical reference, or footnote. A paragraph must not end in quote; the paragraph must end with your idea or thoughts and inputs (although sometimes the quote is self-explanatory) I m expecting AT LEAST 12 quotes / reference in total. You may use MLA format. Footnotes or parenthetical references.

No secondary sources allowed, editors names shouldnt be mentioned at all, this include but not limited to the editor note, translator note, introduction, etc (you are welcome to read them for you own reference though), you can only use the actual context of Leviathan from page 1 onwards

Please start early, my worst nightmare is when writers tell me they have a last minute computer problem or power outage.

If you have any doubt or just need to clarify things up, pls dont hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very kindly