Discuss how managerial accounting is used for business planning.

This project, based on current literature, is to discuss how managerial accounting is used for business planning. Be sure to include in your discussion: budgeting and analysis, forecasting and projection, and the roles needed to coordinate this information from various sources to ensure proper integration. You may focus on the role that specifically relates to your major (ex. accounting, management, health administration, network administration, etc. )

Prepare a two-page draft (with sources in APA format) based on your readings in the book and outside sources. You will then share what you learned from your research with your classmates. The idea is to not only improve your research skills but to apply what you have learned in this class to some real-world situations. Remember to write and cite your sources using APA format since the papers are run through plagiarism detection software. Draft Due: Sunday Week 2. Each student will then comment to at least 2 other students on their papers. This is designed to broaden your accounting knowledge. The comments should only be 2-3 sentences on what you learned from your classmates posts. To get full credit for this assignment you must write and upload the paper in week 2 as well as comment to at least 2 other students work in week 3. Comments Due: Wednesday Week 3.

The 3-4 page final report and a 4-5 slide Power Point presentation highlighting the main ideas in your report will be Due by Sunday of Week 3 to the assigned drop box. The specific grading criteria for this project is posted separately under Doc sharing.