Discuss Native American tales and what they indicate about Native American culture.

English 2327

Mrs. Marissa Guerrero-Longoria

Research Paper Requirements


· 4-6 pages

· Typed, dbl spaced

· Original title

· MLA format for quotes and page layout (see A Writer s Reference Book or refer the OWL website for an easy to use guide; refer to the table of contents at the bottom)

· Include specific examples from the primary and secondary sources (direct or indirect quotes)

· 5 sources (1 primary, 4 secondary)


Choose any author/poet discussed in class while focusing on one or more of their works. Answer at least two of the following questions:

” What did the author contribute to society or history?

” What style of writing is the author best known for?

” What social issues did they address in their works?

” What they are classified as (romantic, gothic, modern, post modern, classic) and why?

” What events in their personal life influenced their writing the most?

” What events in society at the time influenced their writing the most?

Requirements for Intro:

” Brief Biography

” Clear , 2 part thesis

” EXAMPLE: Nathaniel Hawthorne is representative of gothic writing and was one of the first American writers to address women s issues.

Requirements for Body

” Clear Topic sentence Nathaniel H. is a great writer because he is representative of the gothic era.

” Support and Explanation with ICE

” Introduce Quotation that will follow

” Cite

” Explain in 2-3 sentences of your own

” I

” C

” E

” Concluding sentence


Who/ what has this author influenced? Why will this author/poet be remembered?

See notes on research paper for additional reference, ideas, and examples