Discuss one of the ideological issues in valuing people.(Government White Paper 2001)

The ideological issues are based on 4 beliefs, which are, rights, independence, choice, inclusion. The writer is to write on just one of these, and give it a topic. The essay to have an introductory part, which explains the essay plan. The body of the essay to discuss what writer has chosen, as it relates to people with learning disabilities.eg, if choice is chosen, the discussion must consist of direct payment and advocacy,present day services, etc,. To discuss the advantages and disadvantages, (what happened before valuing people, what is happening at the present, and Governments objectives and proposal as to mordernising services.Thirdly, the conclusion, to consist of writers opinion of valuing people, the barriers, such as funding to execute the proposed programmes, etc,.(IMPORTANT TO REFER TO VALUING PEOPLE, AS ESSAY IS ABOUT PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES IN THE UK.)
1500 WORDS, 1.5line spaces, font size 16. UK English and harvard ref.)