Discuss salient issues in understanding religion in the twenty-first century

I already did this as my first paper in an Islamic perspective and the professor liked it. however, im going to use the same topic and expand on it. My first paper was limited to Islam but i want this paper to be on both Islam and Christianity. I want the ideas on my first paper to be included in this paper and then expanded on and more reasons and examples. For example I used the media, culture, economy, and politics as the issues that influence our understanding of islam in the 21 century but there are more you can use. Then do the same thing for Christianity. Discuss the issues in understanding Christianity in the 21 century. My professor told me some of these issues that are christianity and interreligious dialogue/pluralism, the Vatican II 1962-1965 so do include them in the essay. Also please use trusted academic sources(books, e-books, and academic journals) and in-text citations.
I am going to attach my essay in the instructions so you can use it however do not copy paste from it, just use the same ideas with different phrasing.
Also, PLEASE check for grammar and spelling mistakes because the last time i ordered a paper there were plenty of both. Thanks.