Discuss the nature of Intelligenceand what you feel it means for a creature or machine to be Intelligent.”

In your essay, discuss the nature of Intelligenceand what you feel it means for a creature or machine to be Intelligent. No prior reading is necessary to complete this first essay. Only what you know coming into this course is needed for this assignment. To help you get started, you might consider posing your answer to one or more of the following questions though you are not limited to one of these. You do not need to address all of these in your essay. In fact, if you attempt to address more than one or two of these, then your essay will likely be overly broad, not sufficiently focused, or unclear.

*What is Intelligence”?
*Can we measure Intelligence”? Can the Intelligenceor two or more entities be compared?
*Are humans the only creatures you consider Intelligent”? If not, what other creatures possess Intelligence”?
*Can Intelligenceof a non-human creature be measured? If so, how?
*What properties or abilities must a creature possess to be considered Intelligent”?
*If you consider Intelligenceto be a uniquely human trait, then what do humans possess that distinguishes the human mind from that of other creatures?

Make sure you clearly and concisely state and defend a well formulated thesis using accurate supporting points. This is not a research paper, so you are not expected to conduct extensive research.

Formatting Requirements: Your essay should be at least 2 pages in length (1 inch margins on top, bottom, left and right,
12pt font size, Times New Roman font, line spacing no larger than 1.5 spacinga NOT double-spaced). Each essay should
be no longer than 3 pages (will be penalized if over length). Indent first line of each paragraph. Do not skip any lines
between paragraphs. You should include your name on the first line of the essay, and optionally a title for your essay
(donat skip lines between name and title). You may skip one line before the first paragraph of the essay