Discuss The Sea Fairiesby Maura Stanton

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ck three questions and answer individually.
1. Whats the conflict in the story? Tip: what is the narrators task and why is it difficult?
2. What is Stantons tone, or attitude towards the subject matter of this story?
3.Identify examples of figurative language in the story. (Be sure to read through the posts that come before yours, so you dont repeat one!)
4.How does Stantons description of Christmas trees suggest mood or emotion in the story?
5.Why do you think the girls want to play the Sea Fairiesgame and what does it reveal about the characters emotions?
6.What is the meaning of the title Sea Fairies”? Think of three alternate titles.
7.Do you think the narrator is changed by her experience? If so, how?
8.Are you left with resonance at the end? If so, consider how Stanton accomplishes this? If not, re-write the ending for us!