Discuss (with reference to both theory and research) the factors that lead to the maintenance of exercise behaviours in adults.

essay topic is: Discuss(with references to both theory and research)the factors that lead to the maintenance of exercise behaviors in adults.
use more then 2-3 theories, an outline of each, interspersed with research evidence (or lack of it, for each componant)and critique.
word limit is 1000 words

starter references to be used are:

1.) Armitage, C.J.(2005). Can the theory of planned behavior predict the maintenance of physical activity? Health Psychology, 24(3), 235-245
2.) Marcus, B.H., Forsyth, L.H., Stone,E.J., Dubbert,P.M., McKenzie, T.L.,Dunn,A.L., & Blair, S.N. (2000). Physical activity behavior change: Issues in adoption and maintenance. Health Psychology, 19(1S), 32-41.
3.) Sniehotta, F. F., Scholz, U., & Schwarzer, R.(2005). Bridging the intention-behaviour gap: Planning, self-efficacy, and action control in the adoption and maintenance of physical exercise. Psychology & Health, 20(2), 143-160.
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use APA format, provide reference list and provide Microsoft Word file attachment of the essay

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