Discussing this article: one-recession-or-many–double-dip-downturns-in-europe

1. Summarize the authoras main points in your own words. Please be aware that using exact sentences (without quotation marks) from the article in your paper is plagiarism. Using other peopleas thoughts from other sources (like the internet) without citing them is also plagiarism. It is ok to use quotes SPARINGLY, but you should concentrate on describing the main points of the article in your words. A helpful hint: you may want to assume you are explaining the article to a friend who has never taken any economics courses. Any information you use from outside sources must be cited in your paragraph, via footnote, or via bibliography.
2. Identify and explain one or two relevant economic concepts from our text and/or lecture that you find in the article.
3. Present your personal evaluation/reaction to the article.