Discussing world regional pattern(s) for the MPQLI index.

Write a one page essay discussing world regional pattern(s) for the MPQLI index.

Overall, is/are there identifiable global geographical pattern(s) at the level of world regions (realms)? Go beyond simple naming of the world regions (realms) that have the highest/lowest MPQLI. Analyze! How would you explain these patterns in world regional distribution of the index? Be as thorough as possible, explain fully.

Instruction: Only information obtained from the textbook/lectures may be employed when writing your essay. Properly cite your source(s). The essay will be judged primarily in the following respects: usage of appropriate geographical terms; reasonable spatial/geographic argumentation; writing quality. Text must be logical, coherent, and clear. Formal requirements: it should be typed (1.5-spaced, 11 point size Arial font, 1 inch margins, 1 page maximum.) You donat have much space (1 page); therefore think carefully about every word you use.