Discussion about Inequality for All please based on video and textbook

Here is the forum where you should post your i??Inequality Post. This post is worth 50 points or 10% of your grade. Your i??Inequality Posti?? should be submitted by Sunday, July 12 and is worth up to 50 points or 10% of your final grade.

Your post should contain at least five well-formed separate paragraphs. The minimum recommended length for your assessment should be about 600 words.

Based on the video Inequality for All and the material in your text please answer the following questions:

-Describe what is happening today in terms of income and wealth inequality? Please cite at least four statistics. Why has inequality been widening?

-The middle class dealt with wage stagnation for decades. How has the middle class dealt with inequality? Why is it a problem now?

-Explain who are the winners in todayi??s economy?

-Why is inequality be a macro problem with effects on aggregate demand?

-What policy responses do you favor to deal with the challenge of inequality?

-Would an equal distribution of income be desirable? Would you be willing to pay more for the goods and services that you buy if it would raise incomes for the middle class?

-Who are the primary sources of information in the film? Are they credible? How do you know?

Please review the Graphics Package that accompanies the video prior to making your post: html and this is link for video