Discussion board 3 international trade operation

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So far, Mr. Swansons only interest in foreign market entry is though exporting. However, your supervisor would like to make sure that your firm is providing an exceptional level of consultation to Mr. Swanson, and he would like you to introduce the idea of foreign direct investment. This way Mr. Swanson will be informed about other foreign market entry strategies if he chooses to pursue further expansion. Conduct research, and write up your findings to address the following:

Describe what is meant by foreign direct investment (FDI).
Include examples that illustrate FDI as a strategy of foreign market entry.
Summarize the benefits that a firm can experience from foreign direct investment.
Discuss a few of the risks associated with FDI.
Discuss your recommendations for Mr. Swanson regarding Content Cow Dairy and foreign direct investment (your response should not be limited to direct investment in Egypt).
Be sure to cite all references using APA style.