Discussion board quantitive methds and analysis

write 4-6 paragraphs and answer the following:

Week One
Statistics is used in almost all fields of human endeavor. Suggest some ways statistics can be used in sports, public health, education, and surveys

Week Two
Data are organized into frequency for specific reasons. List five reasons for organizing data into a frequency distribution.

Week Three
Data can be summarized using measures of central
tendency such as mean, median, mode and midrange. What is the relationship between mean and median ?

Define sample space. What is the difference between an
outcome and an event

Data can be described using measures of variation such as range, variance, and standard deviation. What is the relationship
between variance and standard deviation?


What are the characteristics of a normal distribution? What is the total area under the standard normal distribution curve and about what percentage area under the normal distribution curve falls within one, two and three standard deviations?

week 7

What is the difference between a point estimate and an interval estimate
of a parameter.

week 8
What is meant by the statement that two variables are related? Give an example of a correlation study and identify the independent and dependent variables.