Discussion of the potential of different kinds of primary sources for shaping our views of the czechoslovak crisis.

I have war cabinet papers from the around the time of the Munich conferences 1938, and as per question i need to discuss their potential. if the question could be answered using standard historical books as per referencing requirements id be very grateful. I can add to this essay using the papers i have and use them to compare.

The dates for the papers i have are between 12/9/1938 too the 29/9/1938

I also need to lean towards the public and private opinions of Chamberlain at the time, the conflicts between appeasement and armament, public opinion towards the nazi threat and our obligations to czechoslovakia.

any problems please let me know.

thank you
please reference using the oxford numbering system, also please include the page numbers from resources that you use. thank you!

this may help..

Chamberlain and appeasement british policy and the coming of the second world war. RAC Parker, macmillan, 1993.