Discussion on the book Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Toward the Third Resurrection By Sherman A. Jackson

In this work I m not really expecting an essay but a review on the whole book especially from chapter 3 onward. I am supposed to lead a class discussion on this book that should last about 2 hours, i need to know about the book and i also need you to give me some questions that i can ask the class to enhance a good discussion and argument within the class. I will need some quotes from the books to refrence back and forth from and if u can just maybe just write bullet points and comments under each chapter so that I don t get lost in the discussion. So overall all I need is as follows
- Introduction general overview of the book and why its important to read it.
- Chapter by chapter information and comments and questions that I could as the class, and discussion points that important to discuss ( interesting or unusual information)
- Conclusion which ends on a really comment and a question to follow that ppl should be thinking about and why this book is really important for us to read

just abit about me to help in the discussion,
I m a student at an American university at Qatar studying foreign services (international politics) this course is called Islamic intellectual thought. I m a Muslim girl so it has to come from an Islamic point of view however I m open and encourage other interpretations.