Discussion paper on New actors in international and global health focuse on NGOs

. New actors in international and global health
There are many new actors in international and global health a from key international NGOs, to major new global funds such as GAVI and GFATM, to foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a wide variety of public-private partnerships. There are also new efforts to bring many of these players together, for example through the International Health Partnerships. Select one of these or other players in international and global health a and analyse critically their current and emerging role.
You are expected to critically examine the question presented and put forward an argument drawing on your conceptual understanding from the course and using the literature to support your response.
A broader discussion of the topic with a global focus is required.and i choose south africa to talke obout it as an exsample of the role of NGOs in health situation
it should include abstract around 200 word
write about NGOs in genarally and the role they play it
discussion about current and emerging role and
what they done and what should they do ( result)
suggestions to improve it

Assessment Criteria :
Relevance. Make clear what it is you are addressing and why this is important (15%).

Research and use of literature. What is the quality and adequacy of the literature on which the paper is based? Have you drawn upon available theory and insights from others? Do you present underlying concepts clearly? Have you gone beyond the literature made available to you for the course? Are terms and concepts defined and used appropriately? (25%)

Analysis and argument. What is the quality of the analytical approaches and methodology used to answer the question? Has the paper included insights and evidence of your own analysis? What is the quality of the creative and analytic thinking? (40%)

Referencing: Is the work adequately and competently referenced? (10%)

Description and presentation. Is the work well-set out and written in clear and coherent English? (10%)
Do not draw bodies of text from other documents and place them in your own report this amounts to plagiarism and will be penalised