Discussion questions in Information Analysis

Dear writer,

It is a discussion questions, so you have to read two articles then answer my Profs question.

As my prof said The format for both article is the same. First, a hypothetical situation is presented to you. Second, four experts provide their solution to the situation. The discussion question centers around which of the four experts solution is the best.

The expectation is that you take a stance for one of the four. I am not looking for you to state that two or even all four of them are correct. Which one do you feel has the best solution? You are welcome to provide other/additional reference material to substantiate your answer.”

Let me know If you have any question

Discussion questions in Information Analysis

Dear Writer,
You was did my order ID 833609 which was discussion questions in Information Analysis. My homework was that I have given you two articles each article have one question. You did well in the answer for each question.

Next homework is that I will have to respond to my fellow classmates posts. My prof said that,a? I am asking you to respond to three of your classmates answers, (for a total of six responses).a?

I will compile all my final classmates posts into one document for each question. Then you have to choose three posts in each question and respond.

Please I need all my respond to be a?AGREEa?