Discussion questions-Managerial marketing

Week 1 Instructions for the Discussion Board

Over the years we have heard a great deal in the news about product recalls and the crises that surround the problems that precipitated the manufacturer or company to feel a recall was necessary.
Mattel and Fisher Price have been one of those companies. They have now have recalled hundreds of thousands of toys due to them containing lead paint. As you can imagine, many consumers are going to be wary of these brands for a little while. If you were a product manager for Mattel what do you think you would do and why?
Possible Points
Identify how the product recalls can impact the brand X/ .50 (25%)
Identify the steps that you would recommend the company take as a result of the recalls X/ 1 (50%)
Responses to fellow students regarding their ideas and the topics of the weekab s discussion. X./.50 (25%)
Points are assigned to each assignment component based on Content, Application, Research, Mechanics (APA format, spelling grammar, punctuation) and Style a (Organization, readability, using your own words)