Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs success in Shanghai.

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The topic is about how family members are important to female entrepreneurs success in shanghai.br /
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Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs success in Shanghai.

The topic of this paper is about the to what extend, are family members good contributors to a female entrepreneurs, in Shanghai.a?
What I refer a?family membersa? here are, most important, parents, followed by husband, children( for those who are married), and other members (uncle, aunt, grand parents, etc).
The reason to choose ?Shanghai as the regional scope, is that Shanghai women are more aggressive in work success. They normally do not cook, nor do they have the characteristic of house-wife. They may more dominating in the workplace. So it would be interesting to study shanghai womens pattern when they entering into self-employment.

Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs success in Shanghai.

This is the third part of my dissertation
my dissertation contain 4 parts:

1. Dissertation proposal

2. Literature review (3000s-4000s words)

3. Research methodology/ research design (2000 words)

4. Findings/empirical findings (3000s-4000s words)

For the research methodology:

This part is about designing the research.

The research philosophies: positivism

The approach of the research: more inductive research, as there are few theories about the female entrepreneurs in Shanghai, and most existing concept about female entrepreneurs is not valid to my research topic, which is the family issues. Therefore, inductive research is more appropriate for the research.

Research purpose: Exploratory research

The reason to chose this research purpose is based on the fact that, at the initial state of research, the author had lack of clarity of the relationships between female entrepreneurs success and family issues. For example, is a female entrepreneur failed with growing her business in size, due to the bad relationship with parents, or bad relationship with husbands? Which one may put more pressure to them? As the research progressing, more sub-questions will be derived, and the researcher will be more familiar with the area of the research topic. So it is reasonable to use this exploratory research.

Research strategy:

Grounded theory

As the study of this topic will require a new theory to be developed about the Shanghai female entrepreneurs and their families, and this theory will be developed through an inductive process. So the grounded theory approach will be more appropriate.

Time horizons:


Reason: do not know

Way of collecting data:

Qualitative research method–individual interviews

Reason: it would be more recommended to use interview rather than survey to study the behavior of family members and the influences on the business success of the female entrepreneurs. Based on the natural of qualitative research would be more qualified for developing a new theory, rather than prove an existing theory. In addition, interviews may gathering more detailed information about participants than survey, and during the interview interviewer and interviewees can build trust, which will improve the quality of research results.