Dissertation literature review on resource rooms/inclusion units in schools

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The main aims for my research are to -:

This study will seek the views of teachers and parents whose children have experienced resource rooms. It will aim to ascertain whether their views are compatible with each others perspectives.
It will also identify key features in the success and failure of resource rooms and the circumstances around this.

The main aims of this research project are to -:

” Create awareness within the participant school regarding the parent s and teachers perspectives toward the children s experiences of attending resource rooms ( INCLUSION UNITS). The results of this study are intended for use to improve and expand on the existing inclusion programmes in the schools being studied.

The main objectives of the research project
1. Ascertain parents and teachers perspectives on resource rooms (inclusion units).

2. To find out if parents and teachers think it is having an effect on the children s self esteem and overall happiness.

3. To examine if school and parents have effective communication.

4. Analyse if parents feel listened to and valued.

5. To find out if teachers and parents think there is effective parent partnership working.

The different sections to be incorporated in to the literature review need to reflect the 5 above objectives as much as possible and mostly in a fairly equal word count if possible.

Other general subjects that may be included are inclusive schools, inclusion in general. Collaboration between parents/school/local education authority/children, children s needs and views and there are probably a few others.
I would be very grateful if you could manage to give me a brief overview of proposed sections, if you cant that s ok though.

The references i have stated around 35 and upwards with this being a literature review for my dissertation the more backed up sources the better.