Dissertation proposal. subjectInformation systems Management. topicSocial media or ERP

Your research proposal must contain a detailed description of a planned 5-month research project and its context. The topic for the project has to be decided by you. However, the proposal must be for a research-focused study which should aim to draw on practical data (i.e. qualitative and/or quantitative data) to critically assess your specified research issue/question. Your research topic must be within the broad field of Information Systems and Computing

1. Use appropriate working styles and analytical skills to:
a. Identify a suitable research question/issue for your proposed research project;
b. Identify and analyse a reasonable number of literature sources relevant to the selected research topic;
2. Prepare a detailed research proposal for undertaking your research project, which:
a. Explains the background to the research question/issue you have identified;
b. Describes a detailed methodological approach for undertaking the proposed project;
c. Justifies your methodological approach with regard to the selected research question/issue.

Learning Outcome 1
Describe and apply learning skills, problem solving and working styles

Learning Outcome 2
Apply and critically reflect on methods and techniques for knowledge analysis and production in the context of modern research, alongside a practical grasp of available resources

project proposal must contain:

1. Background: This section must explain the problem which your research will address, describe its academic and industrial context, and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant past and current work in the subject area. As a minimum, you are required to synthesise at least 15 references of importance here;
2. Project aims and objectives: You must define the overall aim(s) of the project and the specific measurable objectives that you plan to achieve;
3. Methodology: This section must include detailed information on the methodological approach you intend to adopt for your study and the specific methods you will use. Your choice of methods must be justified by reference to appropriate academic sources;
4. Ethical considerations of the project; This section must address the use of participants, maintaining confidentiality of information and informants, plus any risks, copyright issues and conflicts of interest associated with the project. You should also include with your submission the ethical approval application short form and any accompanying relevant documents.
5. Programme of work: This section should form an appendix to the proposal. It must describe the tasks you need to conduct in order to complete the project and identify the major milestones by which you and your supervisor could monitor the progress of your project (e.g. completion of literature survey). The programme of work should be illustrated by a simple diagrammatic work plan showing the major tasks and milestones against a timeline.