Dissertation Proposal) The Role of Social Media as a PR Tool: The case of VIVA Telecommunication Bahrain.

This is a dissertation proposal… (I have attached a similar proposal that you could look at as an example)

Please include:
1. Introduction.
2. Literature Review (On social media as a PR tool and digital PR in regards to social media in PR).
3. Objectives. (To increase the awareness of VIVA in Bahrain and also to evaluate VIVAs use of social media.. and if you can think of something else)
4. Research Methodology ( I will conduct a survey (sample of 50 to 100 people, interview the CEO of viva) AND please think of other ways to research this!
5. Methods of Analysis

(Look at the examples attached)
(The main part should be the literature review, BRING in different authors views)

I will base my research ONLY on VIVA Bahrain, since I got many access to their resources (both primary and secondary).
I will also ask VIVAs employees about their thoughts of how well does VIVA uses social media to communicate with their customers.
I will also compare some parts of other telecommunication companies in Bahrain (VIVAs main competitors, which is Zain Telecommunication and Batelco Telecommunication)
I will look at how does Zain and Batelco uses social media.
I will base my questionnaire on VIVAs employees and managers (asking them about their thoughts of the use of social media).
I will interview the CEO of VIVA, and ask him about how often do they use social media, and which tools of social media do they often use and how effective are they.

*Use these books and other journal articles online:
1. The social Media Handbook for PR Professional, Lord Sugar
2. Putting the Public back in Public relations (How social media is reinventing the aging business of PR), Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge.
3. The Business of influence (Reframing Marketing and PR for the Digital Age), Philip Sheldrake.