DissertationIntroduction and theoretical background

The essay is an architecture dissertation and should aim to investigate in this modern era, how people are evolving the use of tower blocks as social living systems. So it should begin with (hopefully) a real life common example of an evolutionary change that people have evolved simply based on a space, I dont want alot of reference on the history of High rise tower blocks, but more about space and the effects on human activity. Possibly reference Le Corbusier and his idea of how spaces should be arranged? and would be good to reference (if possible) the book High-Rise by JG Ballard and how the focus of this novel is about the extreme psychological effects of living in a high rise building. Introduce a simple evolutionary change (furniture preference) to a more extreme case (High Rise novel by JG Ballard). Please do not sum up as this is my dissertation and it should only cover the introduction and theoretical background, just allow it to open up the dissertation where I can then lead on. I hope thats enough information and just contact me if you need more info, but please need this dissertation as soon as possible, thank-you