Do androids dream of electric sheep novel by philip k. dick

i have assignment ,but not essay paper it is a presentation to Analyze Do androids dream of electric sheep novel by philip k. dick a? and i need to Analyze those chapters 18-19-20-21 22 , also in this assessment i have to make a character list a? please read what am going to write dawn and am going to upload a file that gave an example for what i want you to do.

2. Character list :follow this
Also called a Dramatis Personae, this is where groups will begin today. Itas a long list for DADOES?, but pay attention to my example of a a?Dramatis Personaea? in class. Itas not JUST a list. Add a blurb of information next to each name so itas easier to review later. A sample Dramatis Personae will be available on Blackboard.

Dramatis Personae: this is the example of what i want you to do. a? i couldnat upload it her but iall once you e-mail me back !

The following is a Dramatis Personae for Hamlet (from the Oxford Shakespeare of 1914), and we will follow this form for starters. This is a very effective study tool that can help you catalogue characters and create your own Sparknotes. Notice how characters are listed in order of a?importancea? and some description is given for each character.

SAMPLE a?Dramatis Personaea?:

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Dramatis PersonA¦.
CLAUDIUS, King of Denmark.
HAMLET, Son to the late, and Nephew to the present King.
FORTINBRAS, Prince of Norway.
HORATIO, Friend to Hamlet.
POLONIUS, Lord Chamberlain.
LAERTES, his Son.
OSRIC, & A Gentleman, Courtiers.
A Priest.
FRANCISCO, a Soldier.
REYNALDO, Servant to Polonius.
A Captain.
English Ambassadors.
Players. Two Clowns, Grave-diggers.
GERTRUDE, Queen of Denmark and Mother to Hamlet.
OPHELIA, Daughter to Polonius.

Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Messengers, and Attendants

ASSIGNMENT: For Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? you will need to do something similar, so you can feel confident about names, and relationships between people/characters when itas time to take the essay exam.

Your (typed) Dramatis Personae will consist of the following:

1. A Cast List like the example above listing the people in Philip K. Dickas book, in a?descending order of importancea? (donat worry too much about the order, just do your best).
2. A short explanation of who the person is, and who theyare connected to in the novel.