Do police crack downs reduce drug related violence

There should be references on at least five studies in your topic. You may consult the references while writing the essay.

B. Sequence

1. First, state why the topic you are writing on is a problem. Give empirical evidence (statistics) as to why it is a problem (e.g., if your topic is murder, you may discuss the number of cases, the crimeas adverse health and criminogenic consequences).

2. Next, discuss the history or development of the problem over timea why it originated and how it has gotten worse over time.

3. Then, discuss why your topic needs further study.

4. Next, briefly describe the studies conducted on your topic. As noted above, it would help to classify or organize these studies in some meaningful way. For example, studies may be grouped by subject population (e.g., general population of adolescents/adults, incarcerated samples, those in treatment); research design (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, observational); or time periods.

5. Summarize the findings of the above articles. In the case of empirical research, the literature should be evaluated with regard to issues such as sampling, experimental design, and the rationale for, and measurement of, drug use, crime, and other variables. In any case, contrary findings or approaches should be examined with regard to definitions and theory and research application.

6. Finally, your essay should identify unanswered questions, suggest directions for future research, and provide policy implications.

7. At the end of the essay, there should be a reference list in APA format. The list must consist of at least five citations. Make sure that each reference is cited in the text.

All references must be from scholarly journals or textbooks on criminal justice/criminology, sociology, psychology, biology, political science, or related fields. References should not include newspaper or magazine articles.

Copy the first page of each of your references. Hand them in along with your completed essay.

C. Style/Format

In addition to reference citations, you need to have topic headings introducing each section of your essay. Essays cover a variety of issues, and abrupt changes from topic to topic make it difficult for the reader to follow.

D. Extra Credi
Why do you believe that study of your topic is important? In your answer, indicate how more rigorous study of the topic could possibly benefit individuals and society.