Do three little task by using Microsoft software

ASSIGNMENT: Work with Chapters 8, 12 and 14 from the text Microsoft Office Project 2013 Step-by-Step. Hand in the following (using the Page Setup feature enter i??Assignment #2i?? and corresponding question# below in the header, and your name in the footer):

1. From Chapter 8, print the i??Task Sheeti?? after completing the chapter. (instructions for the Task Sheet are in Step 3 on page 155).

2. From Chapter 12 print the i??Levelling Gantti?? and the i??Resource Sheeti?? after completing the chapter up through Step 16 on page 266 (after levelling).

3. From Chapter 14. print the i??Tracking Gantti?? after completing Step 8 (pg 304).

Added on 16.06.2015 04:22
i also upload a sample to you ( 3 tasks)

Added on 16.06.2015 05:04
file.html plz download the document , do the task 8,12,14, . Sample already upload(three pictures)