Do women go out work or stay at home in china

1.I did not make my topic very clear, the main meaning Id like to express is to find out do women prefer to working out or staying at home in contemporary society in China? can you help me to make a clear topic as well.Also, the main country Id like to do research is china,but you can compare with other countries as well.
2.I must hand in a draft by 9am friday 10th march .Could you send me draft by that time please?but I give you 7 days to finish all.
3.word limit 9000,not include reference,or footnotes
4.quality and depth of background research (i.e. range and number of sources used, including primary source material where approprite).
5.demonstrated understanding of theoretical and conceptual issues.
6.skilful use of examples and illustrations in developing your argument
7.clear structure,style and argumentation
8.adequate documentation of sources, I dont qutie understand the meaning of number of sources above, I just wrote 25.
9.Id like to get some discout as well.