Do you think that sociologists have a responsibility to take sides on social problems?

It is a reaction paper.
Writing and its rules
As any other writing, you paper must be:
A- Grammatically correct overall
B- Composed of an introduction, body and conclusion
The introduction must include a statement of if you are to agree, disagree with the question raised
or evaluate.
C- Rely on typical writing tools to structure your paper (ex: First; accordingly; moreover) and express your opinion (ex: In my opinion; I feel that; from my perspective)

Meeting the expectations
AIt is a reaction paper: therefore, you are expected to express personal opinions that are argued.
BThe question raised is based on a type of material: a lecture, a debate, a written source, a visual
and/or audio supporta¦
Therefore, you are expected to take into account the material and be guided by it in your
reaction. This must be done with balance.