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Guidelines for a Primary Research Proposal (PRP)
(Research Methods Level II)

This document contains the guidelines on proposals for a primary research It is a guideline for students who opt to perform a Primary Research as their choice of research assessment for this module. . Students need to bear in mind that some Primary research may need ethical approval an should look at the Health Studies Notice Board for information on the ethics committee meetings.

All students are expected to produce a proposal for the proposed research. The protocol should take the following format. Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods and Expected outcomes

The abstract is a brief synopsis of the paper; the layout normally takes the convention of introduction, method, result and discussion [IMRAD format]. Max length 250 words.
At the end [in a separate line you must include 4-5 key words [descriptors of the main topics of your proposed study]

This section presents background information on the studentas chosen topic. The student should include information on the relevance of their chosen topic to public health, health promotion or health service management or the area of their combined degree pathway. The section should contain references material, at this level the student should not be depending on verbatim quotes. Work in the introduction needs to be referenced and the references used in this section cannot be used in the literature review section.
The section should end with the research question providing the aims specific objectives of the proposed study.

Literature Review
This section should contain a review of the literature on the chosen topic; the review takes the form of a narrative approach as opposed to a SLR. It should contain the current information and academic arguments and data supporting the chosen area of the research topic under investigation.
This section should contain the procedure proposed to perform the study and justification of the appropriateness of the chosen methodology. It should contain the following sub sections; a. Research Design, b. Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, c. Ethics d. Expected Outcomes
a. Research design
Declaration of what design is used including a definition of the research design (qualitative or quantitative) i.e. are you using a survey, semi-structured interviews; focus groups etc. [provide references]. The students is then required to provide a detailed plan of how they will perform the research for example give details of participant recruitment, possible questions to ask in a interview etc. the student is also expected to provide details on how they will analyse the data gathered. If necessary a breakdown of any budget for the study.

b. Inclusion/exclusion criteria
In this section the student must specify what exclusion/inclusion criteria were applied e.g. only women living in London between age 21-30, or only level III students at the University of East London Stratford Campus.

c. Ethics
In this section students will be expected to write about the ethical consideration for their project and demonstrate how they will apply ethical practice/conduct to their proposed research.

d. Expected outcomes
Since this is a proposal, no formal findings are expected yet. However, tentative presentation of the expected outcomes once the Proposed research has been undertaken should be included.
Please note there are no conclusions in the proposal


Students are advised that all tables should fit onto one page so it is easier to read and follow.

Presentation of work:
– Arial font 12.0
– 1.5 spacing
Single sided printing