Does gender and age matter as a sales person in the John Lewis Partnership?

>>Dissertation paper:

based on the attached research proposal which has been done for me recently, this will be the actual final report on the given reserch topic.

Assessment criteria:( number of sources could go higher)

 Demonstrated enthusiasm for the chosen topic
 Clear statement of the aims and scope of your paper
 Coherent and logical structure
 Clear exposition of the arguments expressed in your own words
 Evidence of wide reading and appropriate use of references
 Use of both theoretical and empirical literature in discussion and analysis of arguments
 A clear conclusion based on the analysis of arguments and consistent with the preceding discussion
 Your ability to discuss Management issues in the discourse of academic management studies
 Your understanding of the issues and ability to apply appropriate concepts
 Your ability to present your work in a cogent manner
 higher grades will be awarded for elegant argument, cogency and depth of analysis
Recommended bibliography by tutor, but other sources can be used.

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