Does it exist a typical approach to manage a joint venture

I would like to have some help because i have to hand in for the 6th of January 2009 a dissertation proposal which will give a focus to the dissertation to be written latter. So it must include:
1 a clear definition of the research problem and the objectives of the analysis
2 a clear description of the research strategy with related aims and objectives
3 a detailed ist of the relevant hypotheses
4 a research proposed research methods, sources of information to be used

So the dissertation proposal will include :
a the background nature of the research problem question
B the research objectives that flow from the research question identified
c the research plan
d data sources and collection methods, samping method, research instrument/ tools, method of data analysis, description and justification of planned research methodology

So as i written before my subject is Does it exist a typical way to manage a joint venture (knowing most of failures are due to cultural clashes, does it exist a typical approach to avoid it?)
I would like to use theoric assumption but also analyse case study of previous success or failure of joint ventures
The aim of my research will be to understand why companies act in a different way during a joint venture process and why most of the joint ventures failes. But also why this process is more and more used
And the value of my research would be to underline efficient way to maximise the success of a new relationship between two companies or more
The problem is my topic is very broad and it will be interesting to focus on a specific industry but i do not know yet which industry could be the most relevant for my dissertation
Thank you for your help