Does par time job imapct the academic achievment

ive writtin alrady all the sections except the introduction and the disscusion sections, so i need 350 words for the introduction and 400 words for the disscusion, with 3 citation for both of them, the introduction section should contain general information, summary of 3 previous researchs with 3 citaions, the gap wich is one sentence(the previous researchs does not cover Nirimba campus), focus section, purpose and the hypothesis which is (pat time job affects the studnts performance and the academic achievement. the disscuion secton should address the purpose section and exeplain the finding ( the finding i will send it to you by email because it our results data, and copaire the finding with previous reseach with 3 researchs with 3 citation,mintion the limitation by writing that the survey done in limit campus so it survey a small group of people, and last things in the disscuion section is to write the recommendation for future research.