Does sildenafil citrate reduce the natural rate of follicular atresia in luteal phase?

Dear Writer : 1710
Please as before kindly read the intro and thesis I am sending you (like the previous work you just completed) and then answer the three questions below: Kindly mention the page number you using and the references you using like before.
1-how the results of this study relate to other researchers work?do they confirm them or they are different
2-if the resluts are different, why is this the case
3ideas for further research and future work based on the findings of this work

Please kindly write a small summery and answer the above questions, which is very important to me .
Also I do beilieve this work is related to the previous work I sent you (FENNING) if she has used his work or anyone else just mention it and make it clear for me, please.
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Referencing Requirements:
Yes, please ONLY from the references of the work I am sending .