Does the pulmonary artery catheter required for all adult patient who are undergoing cardiac surgery in cardiac anasthisa

I need to critically appraising and Critiquing research methods of the tow articles that i will attach under name of critique 1 and critique 2 I will attach as well the framework to be followed
For the references i will attach some articles related to the topic for the introduction and literature review
For critiquing the research methods as mentioned in framework i will attach the list of research books to use in critiquing the methodology

The themes of the essay will be as following:
1- Formal introduction :
150 word ( why we choose it this articles ( critique 1 and 2) mention the articles name And application of pulmonary artery catheter
2- Literature review and critique :
divide it into themes about pulmonary artery catheter 1000 words for each article , identify those articles either qualitative of quantitative and follow the framework for each one ,and compare each other at the end

3- Conclusion :
200word of Summery and mention which article is better and why?
Not in word count ,use Harvard style