Domestic violence against immigrant and refugee women in canada

Length: Due: November 29th, 2011
Topic: Violence (Domestic) against immigrant and refugee women in Canada
1014 typed double-spaced pages: Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your paper returned by mail.
In this paper, develop a proposal for a possible research study which might be conducted. It is suggested that this proposal include the following section headings:

In this section state the nature of your research problem. Include a statement about the background and rationale for the study and its importance to social work. Indicate what the objectives of the study are and include your research questions (or hypothesis a if applicable).Present a summary of what is known and unknown about the area including references to the literature. Nominally define all the major concepts you intend to examine.

Indicate the major steps that will be taken to implement this study. How many cases will be required and how will these be obtained? Describe the setting. How do you intend to operationalize the concepts defined in the previous section? Give examples of questions or items you might use to obtain your data.
Try to be concise, but do not use point form. Use APA as your standard referencing method. If you are proposing a study with human participants, include information on informed consent including an Informed Consent Form (See Sample Informed Consent Form). You can use books, but the bulk of your references should be from recent journals.
Note: Please write with very simple college ENGLISH, simple vocab and use current scholar journals sources I can easily have access to with out password. Also check for plagiarism. Font: Times New Roman-font size 12: formulate a research question, use existing scale, predict your answer, demonstrate the literature on a social problem (APA), write a methodology of how to carry out the study, and create a questionnaire, put them in a support group, measure stress and self esteem
Grading will be based on the following: (1) background and Rationale; (2) Literature Review (X2); (3) Definition of Concepts ;( 4) and Hypothesis/ Research Questions ;(5) Clarity of Method ;(6) Feasibility of Study;(7) Sample Questions (8) Incorporation of Textbook Material (9)Overall Organization/ Style/ Presentation.